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Support for Families

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Most families want to protect their children and ensure that they have happy and fun childhoods, when someone we love dies, we can feel conflicted with knowing that our children are going to be hurt and sad and wanting to make them happy.  This can become an impossible task and the death of a loved one is something that we cannot protect our children from but we can help them to cope, manage their feelings, express and communicate how they feel and to help them carry their grief as they develop into adults and beyond.

We have some guides that might help you talk to your child about their loss:-

How do I tell my child someone they love has died
How do I tell my child someone they love is dying

Preparing for the Funeral

Your child may need help to prepare for the funeral.  They may have questions about the funeral as it may be the first one they have been too.  There are books and resources that can help a child’s understanding. Setting the scene can really help prepare, hearing the songs before and visiting the venue in advance. It can offer great support to the child and their family for staff from school to attend the funeral.

Preparing my child for a funeral

If you would like to talk to someone about supporting your child please get in touch and one of our family support workers or volunteers will be able to help.

Monthly Family Activity-November

Each month we will add an activity to this family support page. It will be an activity or video for families and children to watch and get involved with together. This month’s activity is a HOPE the butterfly activity for Children’s Grief Awareness Day.

Monthly Family Activity-September

September’s activity was a Worry Monster video.

Monthly Family Activity – August

August’s activity was a Decorating Stones and Shells video.

Monthly Family Activity – July

In July the activity was a Helping Hand video.

Monthly Family Activity – June

Monthly Family Activity – May

May’s activity was planting forget-me-nots.

Living On’s Covid-19 Policy for Families Updated January 2021