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Training for Professionals

Living On Training Programmes

We provide a variety of courses all of which are tailored to fit a half day or full day training package.  Please note that the full day programmes will contain more practical ways to work with children and their families.

If you are supporting a bereaved child/family and feel you would like some advice around this specific situation, one of our trained volunteers can arrange to visit you and offer free support and advice.

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Supporting Bereaved children and their families
for professionals working with bereaved families

This course outlines what it might be like for a bereaved family and introduces some theory and research around bereavement.  It looks at what children and young people understand about death and dying and ways in which professionals can talk to families and children about death and dying. Creating a bereavement policy for your organisation is also covered.

Supporting children and families when someone has a life threatening illness
for professionals working with families

This course outlines what it might be like for a child when someone in the family is suffering from a terminal illness.  It will look at the difficult conversations that you may engage in and how to support families throughout the illness.  It explores ways to talk about dying and death with children and families.

Complex and traumatic death and suicide in families
for professionals working with families

This course discusses what is complex and traumatic death and asks how is it different for families?  It also looks at the effects on a family and community of death by suicide. We explore ways to support families through traumatic deaths and cover the implications of police involvement, an inquest and the press.

Practical ways to support bereaved children and young people
for professionals working with families

This course introduces and demonstrates some practical activities that can support bereaved children.  Different methods for collecting memories are studied and how to put in place coping strategies for children and young people to support them in their bereavement.  The importance of telling their story is looked at and the various ways in which they can do this.

We can also tailor our training to your requirements and needs.  For more information and rates please contact us at