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Covid-19 News and Update about Our Service

We have continued to work and provide support to families and professionals throughout the pandemic although we have had to be flexible with our approach. Currently we are not carrying out any home visits but offering to meet families either virtually or in schools. We are providing a limited face to face service in schools where a risk assessment has been carried out and the family, Living On and school feel this is the most essential form of support for that child.

Where we are unable to see a child or family face to face we are offering online, telephone or email support. All group work is currently online as are our events, we hope to move these back to face to face after the summer.

Living on is adhering to a Covid-19 policy in line with government guidelines and restrictions. All families and volunteers will be given copies of these in advance of any support. If you want to know more or view our policies please do ask. Our Covid-19 policies can be viewed here.

Mobile: 07808 527677 or 07759697223 or Email us at:

We’re here to help

Every day, more than 100 children are bereaved of a parent in the UK

The loss of a loved one can be difficult for children to understand.
Living On flower

Sometimes it’s even harder for adults to talk about it.

Living On is here to help you with these conversations and to encourage children to ask the questions they may have. To discover ways and strategies to deal with their grief, adapt to the changes it may have brought to their lives and manage their difficult feelings.

We encourage children and young people to support each other.

With the right support, bereaved children and young people can continue to reach their full potential and become resilient adults.

“We felt supported and it helped to be with other families who have lost someone”

Child in Grief Group, April 2017

Photo by Katherine McCormack on Unsplash