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“Volunteering is such a rewarding role which allows you to work with and support families and children going through a time of bereavement in their life. You meet families and children, talk through their experiences and situation and then provide support which is unique and personalised for them.”

Volunteer, March 2021

After her husband’s death one user said, I have really appreciated the Help Point every week for the consistent support”

Another said she “found it helpful to hear others’ stories, as a way to help each other”

“There is a long wait for other services, such as counselling, so it was good The Help Point was there to help”

Help Point Volunteer, Jan 2020

“My thoughts are lighter ,  I do not worry as much as I used to.”

Young Person Grief Work- July 2019

“After a group session, I had a breakdown and realised a lot of emotions accepting what had happened, it felt like I made a new family”

Young Person in Grief Group, June 2019

“what has changed for me working with Living On is the understanding of what happened and how to cope with it.

There is someone I can talk to”

Young Person, Grief Work – April 2019

“It was a fun group and they listen to ideas. I felt nervous at first, but began to enjoy the group quickly” 

Young Person in Grief Group, April 2017

“We enjoyed family day, candle ceremony and releasing balloons, also making salt jar memories” 

Adult participant in Grief Group, April 2017

“The young people really connected and seemed to like sharing the experience that was very positive”.

Grief Group Volunteer, April 2017

“I felt privileged to be involved in the groups journey again.  It was a fulfilling and rich experience, although testing at times”

Grief Group Volunteer, April 2017


Heather came into our lives during 2016. The previous two years leading to my husband’s death in 2015 left us as a family with no purpose or will to carry on everyday life. My son who witnessed the traumatic events of his father’s passing went through each and every emotion on a daily basis. He felt that he had no direction in his young years and previous support structures who offer forms of counselling I am afraid let him down on more than one occasion. The feeling of emptiness affected us all. His inability to discuss his feelings caused major problems specifically concerning his schoolwork. The teaching staff at his school offered little in the way of understanding my son’s predicament. Heather arrived as a gift to our family. We all immediately felt that we had someone who really did care and from that day onwards we all felt that our lives were worth something and we had a future. Heather is always there for us either in person or at the end of a phone. The unconditional support she offers has enabled us, although still early days move forwards instead of living in a darkened room inside our heads. I will always be truly thankful for her support and compassion she has given.

Mother of teenager within our buddying service, 2017

As the Lead Practitioner on Pastoral care in the P.I.T. Stop initiative at Midfield Primary SchooI, I attended the launch of Living On just over a year ago. I was so impressed by the breadth and level of support and expertise offered to schools, that Midfield invited Heather Williams to give a presentation at one of our weekly Staff Meetings. The overwhelming feedback from staff following Heather’s presentation was one of immense gratitude and all members of staff felt they had been given an invaluable insight into the complex process of bereavement and how to approach it with the children.

Living On also supported us in school and at the home of a bereaved child and his family – then in Year 1, now in Year 3. He lost his mother suddenly and unexpectedly to a brain tumour and was adopted by his Grandparents who were also struggling to cope with the loss of their daughter. Living On volunteers came to the school and developed a trusting relationship with the child and his Grandmother, visiting the school weekly until we broke up for the 6 week Summer holiday. The same volunteers continued to support the family throughout the Summer by visiting the family home and by encouraging them to attend regular group counselling and Dramatherapy, also run by the charity.

This support enabled all members of the family to begin to come to terms with their loss and to better understand the process of grieving and how to embrace it. To my knowledge, there is no other Bereavement Charity and support available in Orpington and it has proved an enormous support and comfort to all of us at Midfield Primary School.  We look forward to our continued association with Living On in the future.

Pastoral care lead practitioner at local primary school, April 2017

Photo by Amanda Flavell on Unsplash

Living On Launch 2016

 A good launch and I hope it really takes off. I will be distributing leaflets to local Church.

 Reverend of Local Church


We really enjoyed the evening. Something so positive to come from such heartache is brilliant. It was really informative and we would like some leaflets to put on the front desk at the School.

Teacher, Local Primary School  


Lovely, friendly warm atmosphere and really useful presentation. Thank you, you’re service is undoubtedly going to be invaluable for children in Orpington. 

Teacher, Local Primary School


Brilliant launch and excellent presentation. A much needed service and I already have 2 families in mind

Teacher, Local Primary School